We sincerely hope you’re looking at our website because you’re interested in unique photographs that capture real beauty rather than manufactured robo-photos that pasteurize originality. Don’t get us wrong, we can do both—but if an occasion is special enough to make you want to save it forever, why risk losing it with phony poses and staged scenery?

We think you, your family celebrations, your friends and your true loves are beautiful, and any images that represent these milestones should illustrate the pure joy in these moments.

In fact, the wife part of our husband-and-wife team will no doubt disarm you with her gentleness and charm while the husband part will loosen you up with his cynical witticisms. And before you know it, you’ve got a spectrum of artful photographs so achingly beautiful it will make your heart break like an egg.

That’s our hope here at Our Labor of Love. To break open everyone’s heart—because a closed heart isn’t photogenic.

(Image courtesy of Max Wanger)

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