Shannon grew up in Georgia and is the epitome of the sweet southern belle. Growing up a dreamer, she was naturally drawn to the art of photography. She started developing her craft in 2008 when she bought her first camera. Shannon was given a unique eye that can see people for who they are, so she took this into her own world by spending hours on end taking self portraits. This was helpful in learning the art of posing, editing, and creating.

Some would say Shannon has a knack for the sun and bringing people into the light is how she chooses to see the world.

Having spent time learning and developing her eye she started shooting weddings and portraits all over the southeast. Shannon enjoys shooting weddings because she lives to surround herself with love. Her work is inspired by her love of people, how we interact with one another, and the beauty that is found in everything.

Shannon joined Our Labor of Love after spending a year working with Heidi in the Atlanta office. She found that these were her people, sharing the same dreams, and the same vision.


    Shannon lives in Midtown Atlanta with her hubby Mark and kitty Crystal. On her non shooting days you can find her strolling through Piedmont Park or hanging out with friends at the local watering hole greeting everyone with a big, “hey y’all!”

    > Click here to see Shannon’s portfolio, and check out Shannon’s latest work on her blog!